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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers. Finding a therapist can be challenging - we're here to help make the process easier. We'll start by answering a few of the more common questions. Please reach out to us by email or phone for any other questions you may have.

Do you accept insurance?
In short, no, we do not bill insurance directly. We have made the decision to not accept insurance for several reasons. One of our core values is compensating our therapists and wellness providers well for the exceptional work they do, and unfortunately, insurance reimbursement rates are significantly low. To ensure that we deliver the utmost care possible, we prioritize our providers and the quality of care they offer to our clients. In addition, many clients prefer not to have their wellness managed by insurance companies. They desire the freedom to choose their provider and determine the duration of their treatment, rather than having their insurance company dictate which providers they can see and requiring a specific diagnosable mental health issue for approval.
How can I afford therapy and other wellness services??
Money can evoke various clinical concerns for individuals. Even subconsciously, people may wrestle with questions of whether they deserve or are able to afford (often symbolically) prioritizing themselves or providing themselves with what they need. Engaging in therapy and wellness involves setting aside both time and money to recognize one's self-worth. The clients we work with encompass diverse financial backgrounds, yet they all place importance on accessing quality therapy and wellness services. This entails finding a provider who is well-suited to support them and with whom they genuinely connect. The provider-client relationship is crucial for establishing a sense of safety and facilitating personal transformation. Not all providers excel in treating every issue or may be the ideal match for each client. The individuals we work with demonstrate dedication to their personal growth and their financial investment serves as an indication of this commitment. Moreover, they employ creative strategies. They utilize their FSA/HSA (flexible spending account/health savings account) cards, submit superbills for reimbursement, seek assistance from loved ones and assess their expenses to identify areas for potential adjustments. As they continue their therapeutic journey and make significant progress, some clients transition to biweekly sessions to sustain their growth and optimize their lives. Additionally, our other wellness providers typically offer services less frequently, based on each client's specific needs.
What is a superbill?
A superbill is a receipt we provide to you with specific information that your insurance company needs in order to provide reimbursement. Even though we do not directly accept insurance, it doesn't mean you cannot utilize your coverage. Numerous insurance plans offer out-of-network coverage, which can reimburse either the full cost or a portion of our session fees.It's crucial that you review your out-of-network coverage, including factors such as deductibles and whether you have met them. These elements will influence the reimbursement process and the amount you may be eligible to receive.
How do I know if I will be reimbursed by my insurance company using a superbill?
We advise potential clients to reach out to their insurance company and ask for information regarding out of network billing using a superbill. Every insurance company plan is different so this is an important step if you are wanting to be reimbursed by your insurance company.
How do I go about starting therapy?
We understand beginning therapy can be challenging so we are here to support you in getting started. We offer complimentary 15 minute phone conusultations which can be booked directly online using the Free Consult button above or by calling or emailing our office. After deciding to move forward with a therapist, your therapist will schedule a first session with you.
What does therapy look like?
After selecting and meeting your therapist over the phone during your free consultation, you will meet with your therapist in one of our office rooms or by telehealth if desired. Your therapist will support your interpersonal growth through your sessions. Your therapist will work with you to create a plan to meet your goals.
How long are therapy sessions?
Therapy sessions are generally 50 minutes for individual therapy and up to 90 minutes for couples and families.
How often will I have therapy sessions?
Therapy sessions are typically once a week when first starting and may be less frequent over time. Everyone is unique of course and so the frequency will be guided by your needs.
Will I be in therapy forever?
Generally speaking, not exactly. Typically, you will do therapy for a period of time long enough to achieve your goals from therapy. After that, you would have a final closing session. You may return at a later date should you require further support on your journey.
Do you offer in person therapy sessions?
Yes, we genuinely prefer to meet in person when possible. Of course there may be circumstances when telehealth is preferred or needed. In such cases we are able to offer secure video telehealth sessions.
Do you offer telehealth therapy sessions?
Yes, we offer telehealth video sessions via a secure platform as well as phone sessions.
How do I pay for therapy?
We are an out of pocket practice. We typically bill your credit card on file on the date of your therapy session. Credit card information is encrypted and protected in your secure client portal. We also accept cash and checks.
What is your cancellation policy?
We require notice of cancellation 24 hours prior to your appointment. Due to the time commitment of your therapist and dedicated resources for your session, late notices or no shows are charged the full session rate.